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Publisher's description

GIANTS Editor is a map editor for Farming Simulator game. This program offers many tools to edit the map details like terrain editor, scenograph panel, spline editor, replace dialog and many more. Now you can rise or lower the surface of your terrain, select an object in the scenegraph to see its user attributes, edit particle systems with real time preview etc.

What's new in version 6.0

- Reduced physics data size.
- Selection in Scenegraph tree is now in the order the objects are selected.
- Fixed order of onCreate calls when saving after objects have been modified.

What's new in version 5.0

- Fixed saving crash with unskinned shapes
- Fixed saving single color textures to i3d
- Fixed mouse radius crash with scroll wheel
- Fixed user attribute delete button
- Changed animation clip index
- Removed shadow texture offset parameter from light source
- Reloads custom textures as well
- User attribute updates
- Display selected nav mesh and audio source white
- Updated nav mesh generation
- Updated terrain panel
- Updated custom shader format to version 2
- Added square bush rendering (editor)
- Added configurable global clip object mask to editor
- Added emit start and stop time to particle systems
- Added option addToPhysics to clone function
- Added optimized geometry flag to i3d to avoid re-optimizing
- Added min clip distance to transform groups

Latest comments

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    tractorfan Last year

    I have made a map and I saved it but I have only the i3d file.

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      Guest Last year

      I can't download it. It says "Giant developer network".

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